Wednesday, December 13, 2006

New Goodies

I just downloaded the Performancing add-ons for Firefox and I'm now giving it something of a test run. My default browser has long been Safari, and since I've always had trouble posting with Firefox, I've shied away from using it. Kimberlee swears by it though and now that I have this blog editing extension I may find the new tools to be too good to pass up.

You see, I don't read a lot of blogs regularly, and Hulles is the only blog that I read frequently... perhaps too frequently. But I am only one humble admirer of legion, and one with a penis at that. His blog is not only a shining example of irreverent, innuendo-filled, satirical wordsmithing, but I'm very jealous of the formatting options he has at his disposal... (to say nothing of his comely female readership).

Still, some people poo-flinging monkeys powerful and influential friends continue to encourage my own paltry efforts, and at their behest I shall continue to churn out nonsense complete rubbish stimulating and entertaining blog posts for as long as my feeble imagination can endure.

And while fancy editing tools are really no substitute for quality content, I hope I may dazzle enough visitors with my formatting to trick them into reading this drivel.

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Blogger Hulles said...

Thanks, JC. I didn't know you were posting again, glad you are. And I'm of course very flattered, thanks lots.

"a shining example of irreverent, innuendo-filled, satirical wordsmithing..." -- that's superb. If my blog had a dust jacket that would be on it, except I'd say that William Safire said it, not you.

Kidding.Thank you very much. I'm not exactly sure what formatting options you're talking about, though. Pitch me an email and we'll talk if you want.

Boy, you sure are right about the comely female readership. Not sure how that happened, but I'm not going anywhere near that gift horse's mouth.

You didn't really talk about anything else in this post other than me that I should comment on, did you? No? Good.

1:52 AM  
Blogger JC said...

Back at you Hulles, and I since there are quite a few less prolific and accomplished writers than Safire I'm going to take that as a compliment. Cheers.

4:04 PM  

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